FADOI: focused on adult medicine


FADOI (Federation of the Associations of Internist Hospital Managers) is an Italian scientific society of Internal Medicine.

FADOI was founded in 1995, when, due to different work and training needs, a group of members of the Italian Society of Internal Medicine decided to create a new Society, aimed at Hospital Internists, namely the “Doctors of Adults” as we like to describe ourselves.
Thanks to the intuition of Sandro Fontana and Salvatore Di Rosa, our founding fathers, FADOI started out as “FAPOI”: a federation of regional associations of ward unit chief doctors. Later on, we expanded to include all the hospital internists. In the following years, our growth was constant, our membership grew bigger as well as our quality scientific output.

FADOI is currently a federation of 18 regional associations and has over 2500 members, and one-third of us is younger than 40. The ever increasing commitment and the results in clinical research and scientific training, make FADOI a cornerstone in Italian Internal Medicine.

The primary objective and founding value of FADOI is to promote and enhance the role of Internal Medicine within Italy’s National Health System: regional associations are our strength because in this way we can always listen to the needs of every single member.

We are the people that local authorities and national political decision-makers want to talk to, to induce a change in health management throughout the country, so that it will be RIGHTFUL, APPROPRIATE, ACCESSIBLE and SUSTAINABLE.


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